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Hacks for PlayStation 4 to the latest PS4 Exploit 5.05 Tutorial

As you know, the PS4 console was completely hacked on May 28, 2018 on the firmware 5.05. There are so many titles that can be used with this FW, and we can say that the importance of hacking it is very high. You can see the complete list of PS4 games that are hacked and available on the hack console. In this section, we plan to train the hacking of the PS4 console to the OFW 5.05 using the Exploit, along with all the tips. Stay in touch with the website for downloads …

Prerequisites for installing Exploit 05.05 for PS4:

1) Having a lower framer or OFW 5.05: If you use higher frames on your device, you can not do anything right now. You have to wait for new exploits to be released for higher frames. If you are using FWs below FW5.05, you’re lucky!

2) Install Python Prerequisites

3) Download the latest version of Exploit 5.05

4) The existence of a modem or WiFi transmitter device (even a HotSpot mobile phone is enough)

5) A little precision !!


Hacking the PS4 console to Exploit 5.05 version video – Dedicated Downloads:

Download the video installation tutorial to hack the PS4 console to the full version of Exploit 5.05


Hacking the PS4 Console to Exploit 5.05 Edition Written By:

1) First, make sure your console is on FW5.05. If your firmware is lower, please update your console to this particular firmware by using the update avatar to the OFW5.05.

2) Get the Python Prerequisite from the Download section of this post. Now, install it and make sure you have all the Python installation options. Because its versatility is mandatory with exe files.

3) Download and export the latest version of Exploit from the link in the download section.

4) Be sure to disable Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus. It is recommended that you disable antivirus. Also, Windows Defender. So that there is no barrier to accessing DNS.

4) Run the executable file ps4-exploit-host.exe as Run as Administrator.

5) After completing the fourth step, if there is no problem, you should see a message indicating that your DNS IP is … phrase appears to you. For example, in the educational film, this amount is as follows:

Your DNS IP is

Keep this page open.

6) Refer to your PS4 console. Go to Settings-> Network-> Set up internet connection. Select the Custom option. The next step asks which wifi should be connected. Just select the wifi that your laptop connects to. Why should you connect to a laptop-generated DNS? After choosing Wi-Fi and entering its password, you will be asked for IP Address Settings. Click on Automatic. Do not Specify the DHCP Host Name value.

7) At this point, enter the DNS Settings section. Click on Manual. Specify the value of the Primary DNS you need to get the fifth step. In this tutorial, the text is Also leave blank Secondary DNS.

8) The MTU Settings value is set to Automatic. The value of the proxy server is on Do Not Use.

9) Go to the Settings => Users’ Guide / Helpful Information section. If you have done the right thing, Payload should be displayed to you. Click on option 05.05. Then click on Blocker to automatically block your console auto-update forever. Upon completion, click on the Mira option to turn your console into jailbreak.

10) When you see the message You’re all set! Exit payload environment by pressing PS Button button. Now go to Settings => Debug Settings.

11) Congratulations. Your console is fully jailbreaked on OFW5.05!


Learn how to get the OFW5.05 update step by step:

Please note that your current firmware must be below 5.05. If you’re on a higher version (e.g. 55.5), you can not do anything about it and it’s not possible to install a lower-level firmware. Unfortunately, you have to wait until new exploits are released for higher freerolls. If you are sure that your firmware is below OFW5.05, do the following:

1) Download the update file from the download section and extract it using WinRar.

2) Prepare a flash with FAT32 format. In Flash, first create a folder called PS4, then create a folder called UPDATE inside it (make sure all words are large). Now put the update file, called PS4UPDATE.PUP, in this folder, ie PS4 / UPDATE URL.

3) Refer to your console. Disconnect the Internet connection completely on your console. Also, check off the auto-update options to prevent future problems. Of course, the Update Blocker is in the exploit, which will be explained below.

4) Now connect the arrow to your device. Go to Settins => System Software Update. The system automatically detects and installs the update file on the flash.


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