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Download Silent Hill pt PS4 PKG P.T PT pkg Exploit 5.05 4.55 review – gameplay

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P.T. (acronym for “playable teaser”) is a first-person psychological horror video game developed by Kojima Productions, under the pseudonym “7780s Studio”, and published by Konami. The game was directed and designed by Hideo Kojima, in collaboration with film director Guillermo Del Toro.

Released for the PlayStation 4 on 12 August 2014 as a free download on the PlayStation Network, P.T. served primarily as an interactive teaser for the game Silent Hills, a cancelled installment in the Silent Hill series. After the cancellation, Konami removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store and eliminated re-installing the game, a decision that later spawned criticism and fan efforts to allow P.T. to be re-downloaded.[1]

P.T. received critical acclaim for its direction, visuals, story complexity, and its supernatural horror tension build, but was both criticized and acclaimed for the puzzles and solutions.



Unlike the third-person perspective in Silent Hill games, P.T. uses a first-person perspective,[5] which centers on an unknown protagonist, whom the player controls, who awakens in a haunted suburban house[6] and experiences supernatural occurrences.[7] Available areas to explore in the home consist of an L-shaped corridor with two rooms adjacent to it: a bathroom, and a staircase which leads to the room in which the player starts a loop, or a continuous reincarnation of the corridor.[3][6] The only actions the player can use are walking and zooming.[5] To progress, the player must investigate frightening events and solve cryptic puzzles.[6][8] Each time a loop is successfully completed, changes appear in the corridor.[3] Additionally, the player encounters a hostile ghost named Lisa.[3] If she catches the protagonist, the player has a random chance of triggering a startling jump scare when turning the camera horizontally and is sent back to the beginning of the current loop.[3]

After the player solves the final puzzle, a cryptic and unrevealed puzzle that allows the player to escape, a trailer reveals that P.T. is a “playable teaser” for a new game in the Silent Hill series, called Silent Hills, directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with the protagonist portrayed by Norman Reedus.[


P.T. centers on an unnamed protagonist who awakens in a concrete-lined room and opens a door to a haunted corridor,[a] in which he can only walk through a hallway which continuously loops and redecorates itself. The first time he passes, a radio reports on a familicide, which was committed by the father and later mentions two other cases exactly like it.[4]

Later on, the protagonist encounters a hostile and unstable female apparition, presumably named Lisa. Upon entering the bathroom and being locked inside, he obtains a flashlight and finds a creature resembling an underdeveloped fetus crying in the sink.[12][13] He soon gets out but finds out that the apparition is watching him. While it is possible to avoid the ghost completely, if the protagonist is attacked by the ghost he reawakens in the first room of the game, beginning the loop again. In this room there is a bloody moving paper bag that speaks to him, telling him of a disturbing experience and stating the same quote seen at the start of the game: “Watch out. The gap in the door… it’s a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?”

The next few loops feature a refrigerator hanging from the ceiling, leaking blood. The muffled sound of a hysterically crying baby can be heard from the refrigerator, which violently shakes and moves. This happens several times, each time being more severe than the last. As it[clarification needed] transitions, the radio issues a Swedish message referencing the 1938 radio drama The War of the Worlds. In the next loop, the lamps turn completely red, the player’s vision blurs, the character moves abnormally quickly, and there is a set of disturbing illusions. Eventually, the protagonist listens to a murder being committed in the bathroom through the bathroom peephole. After the audio[clarification needed] ends, the bathroom door opens by itself and the player enters upon the fetus-like creature telling the protagonist that ten months earlier, he lost his job and turned to alcoholism. His wife then worked as a part-time cashier job to financially support the family, but the manager was sexually attracted to her, implying a motive for the familicide.[14] The corridor then corrects itself and the protagonist eventually hears a voice uttering “204863” repeatedly. The player’s perspective distorts, and the game displays a false crash message.

When the game is restarted, the protagonist awakens in the beginning room and continues the loop with only the flashlight as a light source. He discovers the torn pieces of a photograph scattered throughout the hall and reassembles it in its frame. After the picture is completed and a set of tasks are done, a telephone rings and the radio’s voice says “You’ve been chosen.” The protagonist sees a door unlock and leaves the building.

In the subsequent cutscene, the radio’s voice remarks about having lived a life of regularity until his father killed him and his family without any creativity; he then voices his intention to return with his “new toys”.[4][15][16] The protagonist steps out into the streets of a deserted city and is revealed to be portrayed by Norman Reedus. The credits then reveal the nature of the Playable Teaser.


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