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Download hacked version Bloodborne GOTY for PS4 – DUPLEX version Firmware 4.05 or upper

From the studio behind Demon’s Souls™ and Dark Souls™ comes the critically acclaimed action RPG beloved by 2 million players worldwide.A lone traveller. A cursed town. A deadly mystery that swallows everything it touches. Face your fears as you enter the decaying city of Yharnam, a forsaken place ravaged by a terrible, all-consuming illness. Can you survive the night?

This Game of the Year Edition includes The Old Hunters DLC – a new story campaign in which you will unearth the harrowing tale of the hunters who once made Yharnam their playground.You’ll find multiple outfits and new transformable weapons to add to your arsenal, including Simon’s Bowblade for a new experience with ranged combat. Play with dark spells and transform yourself into a horrific beast. Welcome back to Yharnam…

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Bloodborne: The Game of the Year Edition, released November 25th, includes the original game and The Old Hunters add-on. The Old Hunters challenge players to explore new environments, including the clock tower full of dangers, awards, terrible creatures and the risks of the game. In addition to new environments, new clothes and weapons like the Simon’s Bowblade will also be available. With the new features, The Old Hunters allow players to play horrible monsters as well. The Old Hunters will outline the story of the “Old Hunters” that was mentioned in the original game. The new contents of the package include weapons, abilities, stories, powers and other features that did not exist in the original game.

Download the game Bloodborne GOTY for PS4 is a role-playing game where you can be used to find your questions in the legendary and ancient city of Yarn, Yharnam. The city is also spellbound with an infectious and contagious disease that has traveled through the alley to the streets of the city. Risk, death, madness and madness have infected the mysterious and dark world of the game and you are required to uncover the secrets that you need to survive in the most difficult conditions of the game and the most brutal creatures, but in this The path is not the same and other people come to your aid. Otherwise, other gamers will help you.

Bloodborne has an amazing power. This power and glory is so great that it can not keep itself hidden in many layers of play, and for every one that we look at, this power is evident. In the experience of engaging in superb music in gameplay and delightful conflicts and stories, design and graphics, and more. Download the game Bloodborne GOTY for the PS4 is more than a sword and dodge that sometimes challenges the boundaries of gamer’s ability. With perseverance, patience and determination, along with the necessary abilities, you will also be beautiful in the game. The gamer becomes obscure after 60 hours of headaches and drowning in horror and monsters, and even the gaming environment. Amazed at all of the energy and sense of dependency spent on the game, and that Bloodborne has been able to play the right stuff as a “play” game.


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Download the game Bloodborne GOTY v1.09 PS4-DUPLEX File size: 30.6 GB 16 part

Mirror 1


Mirror 2

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Mirror 3

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Mirror 4


Mirror 5


Mirror 6



Training for installing PS4 titles requires care. Please see the

following to find out how to jailbreak your device:

Video tutorial tutorials and hacking the PS4 console into ExploitFW5.05

Game installation tutorials:

1) First, extract all compressed files by the latest WinRar software.

2) Transfer the resulting pkg file to your exFAT formatted hard

drive. Be careful not to copy in any folder in your external hard

drive. But only in the original external hard drive address, not any

other subfolder.

3) Connect your hard drive to the PS4 console. Enter the section of

the Debug Settings section after hacking the console. Game => Package

Installer See.”>4) Refer to Debug Settings => Game => Package

Installer. The download file you received in step 2 will be displayed


5) Start by installing the X key. Upon completion, the game will be

displayed on your console home screen.


File size: 30.6 GB
Release Date: Release Date: NOV-27-2015 | Hack 4.05 Game: FEB-22-2018
Price: £ 39.99

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